Although most ELOFFs in SA are Afrikaans, I'm doing this in English to reach more people.  Data is mixed Afr/Eng because some facts were entered in Afrikaans and the genealogical program produces websites in English.

Site History and Origins:

My primary source was the publication by the HSRC (Human Sciences Research Council, afr. RGN - Raad vir Geesteswetenskaplike Navorsing), "Stamregister van die Eloffs in Suid-Afrika" of 1972 by J.H. van Dyk. Copyright was transfered to GISA. When I realised how dated it was I decided to add the missing and incomplete generations after 1960. The book was converted to Excel spreadsheets and later to GEDCOM. Many ELOFFs were contacted in 1999 and 2000 and 300 individuals added. A few extra names and dates were added from the 1989 publication by the HSRC, "Suid-Afrikaanse Geslagsregisters Vol.2 (D-G)". Since then I tried to trace every ELOFF that crossed my path, and in 2008 decided to spend much more time on research when I realised I stay near GISA (Genealogical Institute of South Africa) when I moved to Stellenbosch. I also joined the GSSA (Genealogical Society of South Africa).

What you can do:

Please ask every South African ELOFF you know to contact me with their detail.
Send photos - old and new, write stories about the ELOFFs you know and what they did where;
Any suggestions welcome.

Erik Eloff (Frederik Christoffel)
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